Topic: Recorder 6 Upgrade 6.28.0

This upgrade is now available from http://www.recorder6.info/page26.html

There a two main changes. Firstly, the ability to import a second determiner through the import wizard. Secondly, a method of securing map files together with some changes which should overcome the problem which causes most of the map files corruptions. The release notes contain full  details of these changes  plus information on the other bug fixes.

Mike Weideli


Re: Recorder 6 Upgrade 6.28.0

Having updated the dictionary and the software I have problems with exporting to NBN Exchange format v6.21.
When I try first time I get the message, that I should "Check path snd name. Make sure you have write permission to that folder."
I set all paths to a folder, where I have write permission, but does Recorder have write permissions there too?
When I try to export again, I get the following message:
"There is already and object named '##nbn_exchange_obs' in the database"
Would anybody know, what that means?



Re: Recorder 6 Upgrade 6.28.0

The second message is because a temporary database file is not being closed. Closing R6 and reopening should  solve this.     We certainly haven't changed  the addin or any of the tables or  sql it uses. Close R6 and try again and let me know what happens.

Mike Weideli


Re: Recorder 6 Upgrade 6.28.0

Thanks Mike.
Closing and reopening helped. It works now.


Re: Recorder 6 Upgrade 6.28.0

I'm not sure if it is a coincidence or not, but since upgrading to Rec 6.28.0, Recorder seems very slow to open up windows which link to taxon records, e.g. the main event/sample window, particularly if a filter is active, e.g. when clicking on an entry in a report - it will display the entry, but then the 'egg-timer' comes on for ages before the window is actually active and things can be clicked on.

This certainly wasn't happening before the upgrade, but our network is a bit problematic at times, so it could be that


Craig Slawson
Staffordshire Ecological Record