Topic: Recorder Support After March 2018

For last  six years our  consortium (John van Breda, Mike Weideli and Sally Rankin ) have been supporting R6 under contract with JNCC. We are pleased to announce that we have obtained sufficient funding from an R6 user to enable us  to continue supporting R6 for at least one year, following the  end of the current JNCC contract in March 2018. The proposed level of support is not as comprehensive  as that provided under the JNCC contract, but we believe sufficient to immediately reassure users and restore confidence in R6.

We would like to make it absolutely clear that we fully support the ALERC consultation and urge all users to make their views known. If this leads to a suitable plan for the maintenance of R6 then we will fully support this.

For more information please see our web site www.Recorder6.info .

Mike Weideli


Re: Recorder Support After March 2018

Fantastic news - huge thanks to the Consortium and the anonymous R6 user for providing the funding to enable reassurance for users in the short-term and breathing space for the consultation and (hopefully) developing a new management structure for one of the cornerstones of UK biological data management.

Teresa Frost | Wetland Bird Survey National Organiser | BTO
Other hat  | National Forum for Biological Recording Council
(Old hats  | NBN Board, ALERC Board, CBDC, KMBRC)


Re: Recorder Support After March 2018

Very happy to hear this news Mike - many thanks to you and the rest of the consortium for your commitment to supporting R6. This shows that there are R6 users out there who really value the capability and reliability that R6 offers and I'd also like to extend thanks to whoever has stepped in to address the immediate funding gap.

We look forward to sharing the results of the consultation in due course which should give us a good basis for planning future support arrangements - as a user & developer community working together.

Clare Blencowe
Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre | Manager
Recorder 6 Steering Group | Chair