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I'm getting a "Range check error" (see attached report) whilst trying to import a spreadsheet - it is instantaneous on trying to open the spreadsheet, i.e. before any of the validation checks, so it would appear to be a spreadsheet problem - I have reduced the import to only one record and it still fails (also attached)

Any ideas where the problem lies?


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Craig Slawson
Staffordshire Ecological Record

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Re: Import problem

Seems fine to me (I didn't actually import, but got past the validate records stage). We're on

Charlie Barnes
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Re: Import problem

Very puzzling, it doesn't even let me get to the validation, doesn't open the spreadsheet at all!

A bit more information: I've found it is something to do with the template for import I select - if I don't select a template then it goes in, BUT once I have chosen a template and it's failed, then unselecting the template it still fails!

Craig Slawson
Staffordshire Ecological Record