Topic: Dandy Maps

The report on the digitization of the vice-county boundaries suggests that JPGs of the original Dandy Maps were made available.

For these reasons the project has included the preparation of a set of digital images of the 'Dandy Maps' at medium high resolution.

The overlain Dandy Map images were originally intended to be released as a set of PDF documents but this format has proved to involve a number of practical problems because of the size of the images. It has, instead, been decided to render each map as a jpeg image which can then be loaded and manipulated into standard graphics and photo management software.

I can't seem to find my original CD to check if they were included on that and they aren't available for download from the NBN website.

Does anyone know if they were included on the CD or where/who to contact to get them?

Charlie Barnes
Information Officer
Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership