Topic: Flight period rule error?

I am working on Hoverflies just now and Meliscaeva auricollis is not passing the flight period rule in the record cleaner. The rule is as follows:

TestType = PeriodWithinYear
Group = Hoverflies
ShortName=Meliscaeva auricollis: check date is during flight period
Description=Check date is during the known flight period for Meliscaeva auricollis
tvk = NBNSYS0000006933
startDate = 0103
endDate = 0101
ErrorMsg = Date is outside flight period for Meliscaeva auricollis
LastChanged = 20090615

Stage = All
startDate = 0103
endDate = 0101

Stage=Adult,Adult Male,Adult Female,Male,Female
startDate = 0103
endDate = 0101

I suspect this is a typo and the end date could be 0110 but I am unsure, any help appreciated. Thank you