Topic: Recorder 6 - Version 6.27 Release Candidate

A new version of Recorder 6 is now available as an upgrade  at www.Recorder6.info/

This is a full upgrade and will upgrade R6 from version 6.14.4 onwards.

It is Release Candidate version which means that it has been tested and we believe it to be ready for release, but would like to have it installed and used on a few systems before  making it generally available. We would be grateful to anyone willing to give it a try.

There are two main changes in this release.

1. The ability to import a second determination.
2. Changes to the mapping system to provide a way of securing the map data, including a way  of transfering the data between machines.

Please see the release notes for details of these and the other changes in this release. 

Please report any problems against this topic

Mike Weideli


Re: Recorder 6 - Version 6.27 Release Candidate

There have been some changes to the Release candidate following feedback. If you have already installed the version then you can upgrade to this version or wait for the release version which I hope will be available in July. Version  fixes a problem with the recovery of map files and changes the field length of 'Sample Duration' in the report wizard.  A further non critical problem reported  when selecting taxa while matching is being investigated and should be fixed in the final realease of  6.27.

Mike Weideli