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The new support contract for Recorder 6 from 1 April  2017does not include any funding for new R6 features. It does, however,  include funding for bug fixes and to cover changes made by third parties (eg Microsoft, the NHM). 

However, this does not stop new features being added as long as funding can be obtained elsewhere (ie users or groups of users).  Also I will be willing to make some changes at no charge if they are fairly simple and in areas of the code I am comfortable with.  The following factors limit what can be done

1. The R6 Steering Group needs to approve changes to the data model (ie new fields or tables).
2. Changes must be generic. (ie nothing which assumes specific data structures, spatial ref systems etc).   
3. There must be sufficient funding available to pay for both the changes, testing and  documentation.

Please do not let this stop you  requesting new features.  Requests will continue to be logged and as soon as possible some indication given on how feasible the change is and what the cost might be.  Costs could be a lot less than you might think and there may not be any charge so keep the requests coming !!!.

Mike Weideli

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Re: Feature Requests - No Longer being funded by JNCC

I fiind this announcement disturbing. A viable system needs to continue improving and to reflect  changing user requirements. When I started using R6 only 5 or 6 years back it was (and still is)  being promoted as the ultimate system for biological recording. It has taken me a long time and a lot of effort getting my data into Recorder 6 and I am only just begining to be in a position to start using this in reporting etc..  I have made full use of it using many of the extensive features for recording both observations and holding information on locations (location features). I was looking to have some new options in the report wizard for reporting on locations features, but would not be in a position to fund the changes. I was aware that a few years ago there was an announcement about plans to look at options for a replacement, but have seen nothing recently. If we are now seeing the  first sign of R6 being on its way out can I be assured that the replacenent will support the data I have.



Re: Feature Requests - No Longer being funded by JNCC

With regard to adding new options in the report wizard please post your requirements. Adding new items to the report wizard is usually easy to do and I will see if I can help. I am not in a position to respond to the other points you make.

Mike Weideli


Re: Feature Requests - No Longer being funded by JNCC

I have had a quick look at what is involved with adding Location features to the report wizard. It would be possible, but because Location features is so flexible I don't think it will be possible to get something generic which is of much use. I would think that your best bet is to use XML reports to report on your data. The advantage is that you  or someone with SQL Server skills will be able to alter them in future. Also you will be able to design to fit in with the way your data is organized. If you can let me know what you what to get out in a report and what criteria you want to select on I can do an example for you which you can build on. You can email me directly on this (Mike@Lfield.co.uk).

I don't think you should concerned that JNCC are no longer funding R6 development. R6 is 11 years old and based of R2000 which is now 17 years old, so most things users want have been done. In the last two years we have added over 20 features requested by users and there are not many still on the to do list.   The important things is that funding remains to  fix bugs and issues caused by changes outside the control of R6. These are the things that could cause the main problems for R6. Also JNCC have not stopped changes being made to the core R6 program, just  they will no longer pay for them.  If the system had been frozen, then this would be a different story.

I don't think anyone yet knows what the R6 replacement will look like. No doubt there will be consultations, so keep an eye on the forum so that you can make your views clear.

Mike Weideli


Re: Feature Requests - No Longer being funded by JNCC

Thanks for the update Mike, it is good to hear at least that JNCC will continue to fund bug fixes and keep it working with windows changes etc. So thanks to JNCC, and also this seems a good opportunity to thank you and Sally for all your hard work over the past few years.


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