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Just a note to say we are still getting quite a few improved access requests coming through. While i am responding to each in term to inform them current levels of access will not be possible from March. It might be worth adding a notice somewhere on the Gateway itself to say that it is due to be decommissioned and any 'improved' access will be lost.

This had been our primary way of sharing free, full resolution data with a number of national partners such as JNCC/CEH, naturalists and academics but with the loss of controls we will no longer be able to provide such access. I suspect even now a number of them may still be unaware have all Gateway users (as opposed to just suppliers) been notified that permissions may soon be lost?

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Re: Improved access requests/Notification

Hi Ben,

You are absolutely right - there may well be NBN Gateway users who are totally unaware of the imminent migration to the NBN Atlas.

We shall work with Graham French at JNCC to E-mail something out to all Gateway users to explain what's happening.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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Re: Improved access requests/Notification

On this issue, I see there's now something on the Gateway home page. But it would be useful if a big red message could now pop up to anyone making an access request, telling them what's going on. Otherwise, it's going to come to a shock to many people when the Gateway dies?


Re: Improved access requests/Notification

Hi Andy,

Thanks for your suggestion!

I have checked with our colleagues at JNCC, and unfortunately, even creating the sort of 'pop-up' you describe (when people submit data access requests on the existing Gateway) would count as an NBN Gateway "development" - which clearly can't be prioritised at this stage in our preparation for migrating over to the new NBN Atlas.

However, the message about the forthcoming changes on the homepage of the NBN Gateway has now changed colour to red - so I hope will be unmissable to all users!

In addition, next week, an E-mail will be sent to around 13,500 people who have used the NBN Gateway in the last five years informing them of the changes and in particular drawing their attention to the information we have provided for Data Users (as opposed to data partners/providers) on the NBN website - including the information you mention about data access.

So hopefully, the message is getting through…..  If you can think of other ways to publicise the arrival of the new NBN Atlas to the biological recording community, please let us know.

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