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Topic: Conservation evidence

According to the NBN's latest newsletter, "Do you know What Works in Conservation?" (https://nbn.org.uk/blogs/know-works-conservation/ the Conservation evidence project collects together all the evidence for every conservation intervention ever conceived, to see what actually works in conservation
All of it? I don't see any of the items that I read in British Wildlife in there, or the advice contained in Natural England's "IUCN Reviews" or anything from any other sources, just articles submitted to their journal. Many of these are from foreign countries, regarding bees there are 6 advising us to replace honey-hunting with apiculture and just one on pesticides.
Whilst the aim might be to build their database into a comprehensive resource it's far from it at the moment. If you want a database on a topic get yourself a citation/pdf manager. There are plenty more Open Access journals and other resources out there.

Example of one group on Pesticides & honeybees: https://www.mendeley.com/community/e4db … 68e29731a/ 136 papers (and 25 other groups on the topic of bees including one on bees as pollinators amounting to 11,059 references)