Topic: NBNEXchangeAddin - Problems installing

Problems installing NBNExchangeAddin V6.23

There can be a number of reasons for this. 

1. A permissions issue. The installation of the addin  requires permssion to write to the registry and also to the Addin folder.  If is is  the problem it will not be possible to install other addins.   Try running Recorder 6 specifically as Adminstrator, or login with the permissions necessary.

2. A previous version of the Addin remains partially installed.  Look in the registry with regedit. HKey Local machine/Software/Dorset Software/Recorder 6/Installed Addins or HKey Local machine/Software/WOE6432Node/Dorset Software/Recorder 6/Installed Addins). If the NBNExchangeAddin is there can you delete it and try again with the install. 

Sometimes the permission issues are hard to identify. If so then the addin installtion process can be run manually. Instruction for doing this are attached.

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Re: NBNEXchangeAddin - Problems installing

Many thanks for your quick response, I'll have a go at the manual installation.

Dr Philippa Tomlinson
Biological Records Manager
Manx Biological Recording Partnership