Topic: 5km square records

Hi all,

My question is about 5km square records (e.g. NT18NE) and how others handle them in Recorder 6.  It's not a precision / format that Recorder 6 handles as far as I can tell - though to be fair, it's also not an issue I recall coming up before in the various organisations I've used Recorder!

It's apparent that at some point, some 5km square records have been input (or there have been attempts to input them) into some incarnation of the database - now sitting in Recorder 6.  How these are currently being expressed is the south west 1km square of the 5km square (e.g. NT1585 for NT18NE).  I'm not sure whether this was a decision at the point of input or an automatic conversion with database change (e.g. if a previous incarnation of the database accepted the 5km square records as 5km square records or if it was possible to assign a precision of 5000 to a 1km square).

Assuming (hoping?!) that someone else will have come across this, I was wondering if you'd found an acceptable way round it (or a sneaky way to have a 5km square recognised in Recorder?) or if you've just plumped for expressing it one way or another, be it the 1km square at the south west corner or the 10km square, etc.?

Thanks very much for any thoughts!


Lindsay Bamforth
Fife Nature Records Centre,
Information Officer


Re: 5km square records

We plumped for the 10km - 5km square are used so infrequently there didn't seem any point in investigating it further (I think it would require some coding from the Recorder team to get these in - technically quite trivial, but depends on how Recorder interacts with the grid ref)

Charlie Barnes
Information Officer
Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership


Re: 5km square records

The ability to handle 5k grid refs would actually be rather useful in maximising precision in relation to historical data if there is a big push to capture these to 'push back the baseline' and to engage folk through telling stories and comparing past and present distributions over the next few years.