Topic: Is the dictionary being updated on G5?

I have noticed that the fungus Baudoinia compniacensis is not recognised on G5, though appears in the checklist 'FUNGI British Mycological Society Preferred List of Fungal Names - Includes Lichen Names (non preferred)' which is implemented in the latest R6.

Can we please have clarity on whether updates to the UKSI dictionary are being implemented on G5?

I hope that we are not being subjected, not only to a further 5 months minimum of dreadful Gateway performance, but also to an incomplete and out-of-date dictionary on the rare occasions when the Gateway actually works.



Re: Is the dictionary being updated on G5?

The NBN Gateway species dictionary does need updating following the update of Recorder 6 and iRecord, with the latest version of the UK Species Inventory. I have asked Chris Raper for an update and will look into updating the NBN Gateway species dictionary as soon as it arrives.

Best wishes



Re: Is the dictionary being updated on G5?

Thanks, Graham.