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It would appear that this is causing problems on some machines. The upgrade worked for me and R6 was not affected, but response of the machine in general seems slower. One user has had display problems, which seems one of the issues with this upgrade and I suspect it will affect systems other than R6. My advice at the moment is not to install this upgrade unless you have some specific reasonn for doing so. I expect MS will fix the issues over time. If you do install please let me know if you have any problems with R6.

Mike Weideli


Re: Windows 10 Anniversary Upgrade


I have just in the past couple of days installed R6 on a new PC with W10 Anniversary/SQL Express 2014. Apart from a hiccup right at the start of the install after 2 mouse clicks (I can't remember the error) and after a restart the install and upgrades were uneventful and the NBNData migration was flawless. I resisted installing SQL Express 2016 and installing it on that at this time!

The only issue with W10 Anniversary I've experienced so far is wireless mouse/keyboard lag. Swapping over to wired hardware solved the issue.

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Re: Windows 10 Anniversary Upgrade

Many thanks. Good to know that an install works.

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Unrelated to Recorder, I am aware of Windows 10 Anniversary update causing display and wifi and issues.

Wait until Microsoft have resolved these.