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If backup is not working then goto Tools/Database Tools/View or Change Backup Location. If this doesn't display anything then you will need  to set up a backup device through Management studio.

You need to setup a  backup device called NBNData_Backup The way this is done may vary a bit depending on which version of Management studio you are using. It is done through  Server Objects/Backup Devices.  Right click on Backup Devices and select  New Backup Device. Give the new device the  name NBNData_Backup and browse and select the location for the backup. Give the Backup file a name. You should now be able to access this through Recorder 6, both to run the backup and change the backup location.

If the backup does exist, but you wish to use a new location, then you can use Mangement Studio to make the change. You can not change the file  location, so it is necessary to delete the existing  NBNData_Backup and set it up again. To delete the backup, find it through Server Objects/Backup Devices. Right clck on NBNData_Backup and choose delete.  Set up the device again following the above instructions.

Windows 10 seems to have caused some problems with file being marked Read Only. This can be a cause of the backup not working.  In R6 the message is 'backup device could no be opened'. See below for some thought on how to fix this.

Also when going into R6 Database Tools/View Change Backup location R6 initially shows the drive, with the full path of the backup below this.  However, in some versions of R6 this path is not highlighted  in the list below.  It is only possible to choose one level down from the selection box.  This is an issue with R6 which was fixed in v6.28

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Re: Backup Not Working

An upgrade to Windows 10 appears to have made some files read only.  This is known to affect the backup, but may also affect other areas. There are some posts about this on various forums, but no convincing conclusions. It would seem that there is no need to worry about the state of the read only property of the folder. It is only the files that matter.  However, use the folders read/write properties to change the properties of the files.
Right click on the folder and choose properties. 

First click in the read only box until you get a  tick.   Then click on apply. This should make all files read only.

Now click on the read only box until it is blank. This click on apply. This should take read only of all files.

Don't be concerned if the read only indicator on the folder changes to a square when you next look at properties.

If problems persist check that the read only properties on the files is worth checking to see if they are being changed.  Further information on this problem and the solution would be appreciated.