Topic: Pointer shows coordinates. Hooray, but ...

In the good old days of G4 the IMT had an extremely useful feature. It showed the OSGR of the pointer.

For reasons that were never explained, this feature was lost in G5.

I am delighted to find that showing coordinates is back in ALS maps (see http://records.als.scot/occurrences/sea … _mapView).

I am less delighted to see that the coordinates are in lat/long.

a)    keep the feature in ALS (this is the only useful improvement in ALS over G5 that I have so far noticed);

b)    here *and throughout the site* implement OSGR as the primary spatial reference system, and if we must have lat/long provide it only *in addition to* OSGR.

More on maps will follow soon.  Meanwhile, may we be assured that this has been logged for action?



Re: Pointer shows coordinates. Hooray, but ...

Hello Murdo

Thanks for your post, these suggestions will be added to the Atlas development log.

Kind Regards