Topic: Search box not working

The search box on http://www.als.scot/ is faulty.

Type in Andrena ruf, and you are offered two options (ruficrus and rufitarsis). Click on one of these, and instead of the name appearing in the search box (as you would expect), the box clears.

On the point of search facilities, I have used three different ones on the site in the past week, all completely different, and all either faulty, complex to the point of near uselessness, or showing bizarre behaviour (see the thread in 'Comments and suggestions' for details). Sometimes not just one of these. Why, for example, in this home-page box do I get 3 species offered at 'Andrena r' (the two mentioned plus A. rosae), only rufitarsis when I add 'u', and then ruficrus again when I add 'f'?


a) decide on a single *simple* search routine and apply it throughout the site;

b) ensure that it works correctly.

As a general point in this forum, please, Ella or others, also

a) acknowledge that points made have been noted;

b) when they have been resolved post here to let us know.



Re: Search box not working

Hello Murdo

Thanks for your comments and suggestions.  I will pass this onto the Atlas project staff who will add this to the list of development work required.  We will do our best to ensure that we notify the forum once matters are resolved.