Topic: Implementing a Batch Update

Batch Updates are often provided to assist with making changes to the database. The following  will save me having to repeat the basic instructions.

1. Close R6
2. Copy the file provided into the Batch Update folder of R6 (unzip if required)
3. Open R6
4. Goto Tools/Run Batch Updates  *
5. Open the menu and the batch update (this information should be provided with the file)
6. Select and run the update (enter parameters if requested)
7. You should be prompted to take a backup. Always do this- Note if you are not
asked to take a backup then do not proceed and ask for advice on the forum.
8.When the Batch Update has run, check the results carefully before the input of further data.
9. Note that if R6 windows were open you may need to close and reopen them to see the results.
10. If the Batch Update has been provided to do a specific task then the file should be deleted after it has been run.

*Some Batch Updates may be designed to run as quick updates. These are accessed from the appropriate hierarchy, by right clicking on the entry and choosing Batch Update and then the update required. The update will only work on the selected  item. For example an update on a Survey could  be run by opening the Observation Hierarchy, right clicking on the Survey and choosing the update required.

Mike Weideli