Topic: VC rules

Where is the Record Cleaner looking for VC in Recorder 6?
I hope it's not in the Administrative Areas. I'm an NSS and I don't fancy working through 4,000 locations adding that data in R6 (a precursor to setting up some Rules)
Hard to imagine much use for this Rules feature in a small specialised set of taxa whose distribution is a bit of an unknown. Pretty much all occurrences are on my R6 so checking by eye is my current means of checking geospatial outliers. With low numbers on iRecord (~200) is this a rule of much value?


Re: VC rules

Hello Darwyn

I think that the SQL used to extract records from Recorder 6 into the NBN Record Cleaner is stored in a file in the NBN Record Cleaner directory. On my machine it is found at C:\Program Files (x86)\NBNRecordCleaner\ConnectionSettings.xml.new. Looking at this SQL it does appear that the VC field is taken from the Admin_Area table.

Presumably as the Vice-county field is an optional field, this SQL could be updated to remove the VC field from the Recorder export into NBN Record Cleaner.

Best wishes