Re: Introductions

Hello, I joined up following the recent NBN Conference in York.
Ask me anything on recording dragonflies and I'll try to help.

David Hepper
Records Officer, British Dragonfly Society


Re: Introductions

Rich Brennan
Web Developer
Worcestershire mammal and bat group

web developer / budding conservationist / cat servant


Re: Introductions

John Bratton
Menai Bridge
Not affiliated to an organisation.
Interested mainly in aquatic invertebrates and Heleomyzidae.
Still using Recorder 3.


Re: Introductions

Kathryn Hand
Biological Records Assistant at Wiltshire & Swindon Biological Records Centre (WSBRC)


Re: Introductions

I am trying again to post here after an apparent failure yesterday.

This is the new generic identity for the HBRG Data Manager, currently Murdo Macdonald (aka elsewhere in the Forum as Syrphus).


Re: Introductions

Andy Webb
Natural England


Re: Introductions

Jasmine Walters
Biological Records Assistant (Wiltshire & Swindon Biological Records Centre)


Re: Introductions

Graham Matthews
Horsham, West Sussex
Amateur microscopist and photomicrographer, member of the Quekett Microscopical Club
Interested in microscopic life, especially in fresh water


Re: Introductions

Mike Lush
Talgarth, mid-Wales
Consultant ecologist, myrmecologist and natural historian