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Topic: Recent updates to the Marine Recorder application and tools

There have been some recent updates the the Marine Recorder application and tools. The updated versions are available to download from the Marine Recorder downloads page on the exeGesIS website.

  1. Update to the Marine Recorder application – A new version of the Marine Recorder application has been produced, which includes the new deep-sea biotopes included in the Marine Habitat Classification for Britain and Ireland v15.03. To use this version, you will to download the Marinev540.zip file from the downloads page and extract the Marinev5.mdb file contained within it to your Marine Recorder directory, overwriting the previous version. You should then be able to use Marine Recorder as normal, opening it with the fish icon shortcut.

  2. Correction of an error in the snapshot tool (MarineSnapshotv51.mdb) – If you are on the Marine Recorder users mailing list, you should have received an email from me in June notifying you of an issue with the Marine Recorder snapshot. This issue has now been corrected and a new version of the snapshot tool is available to download (MarineSnapshotv514.zip). The download is a zip file and contains two Access mdb files – MarineSnapshotv51.mdb is the snapshot tool itself and SnapshotDatav51.mdb is a blank snapshot file in which the snapshot tool creates the snapshot of your main NBNData file. Please ensure that you replace your current versions of both of these files with the updated versions.

  3. Correction of an error in the Snapshot merge tool (SnapshotMergev51.mdb) – In the same email in June I notified users of a problem with the snapshot merge tool which caused the loss of some of the new fields introduced in Marine Recorder v5. This has also now been fixed, and a new version of the snapshot merge is available to download as SnapshotMergev51.zip.

Please let me know if you have any questions or problems with any of these new tools, or if you would like to be added to the Marine Recorder users email list to received notification of updates by email.