Topic: Taxa not in Dictionary = User Added Taxa

The Natural History Museum maintains the National taxon dictionaries which are used by   Recorder 6, The NBN Gateway and Indicia and some other systems.

Recorder 6 allows users to add their own taxa. Normally this is considered a temporary measure until the NHM adds the taxa to the national dictionary. In this case it is worth asking for the taxa to be added to the National list. Requests to do this should be made in the UK Species Inventory/Dictionary section.  Some users wish to add species for recording outside of the National limits and taxa can be added for this purpose. The standard method of adding taxa is through the Tools/Edit Taxon Details menu. Taxa can be added anywhere in the dictionary as children at any level, however, this can make them difficult to find so a special Dictionary list (List for User Added  Taxa) is provided. This appears immediately after the preferred lists (those with a space as the first character of their name). Taxa added in this way are not linked into the taxonomic hierarchy so are not sorted and are not included if the hierarchy is expanded. To overcome this there is an addin available for managing user added taxa. (http://jncc.defra.gov.uk/page-4597). This allows new taxa to be slotted into their correct place in the taxonomic hierarchy. It also provides various processes for managing the taxa including adding and deleting them plus methods for moving the data to system supplied taxa when they become available.

User added taxa are not exported  and data can not be passed to the NBN Gateway.

Mike Weideli