Topic: Windows 10 (Windows10)

The recommended version of R6 for installation under  Windows 10 is Version 6.23. If you already have a site id and security key then you can download this version from www.Recorder6.info. For a new installation  please contact a R6 reseller.

If you are transferring R6 from another machine then the suggested approach is

1. Install Version 6.23 on the new machine. Look on www.Recorder6.info to find the appropriate version of SQL Server. You should install a version  with  Management Studio. Note that you can only move up two version of SQL Server, so if you are on  SQL server 2000 you can move directly to SQL Server 2008, but not to SQL Server 2012. If this causes a problem then to avoid having to install an unwanted version of SQL Server ask for help from someone on the forum who is running intermediate versions.   

2. Make sure the new installation is working . Check that you can enter data, view the Map and  add Rucksacks.

3. Take a backup of the R6 database on you old machine. Other option is to detach the database using Management Studio. If you can't backup and do not have the tools installed then you can stop the Service and copy the database. Please ask for more detailed instructions if you need them.

4. Copy the backup file to your new machine. It is unlikely that you will be able to use the Recorder6 restore facility to restore this, so use Management Studio to restore the backup. If you have detached the database or you are using the database file then

a. Detach the database installed with R6 Version 6.23
b. Copy the detach database file from your old machine to replace the detached 6.23 database
c. Attach the file using Management  Studio

Instruction for the restore and detach/detach method are available at http://www.recorder6.info/page12.html

5. If the version of R6 on the old machine is not 6.23 then you must run the R6 upgrade - suggest that you upgrade to the latest version. See  http://jncc.defra.gov.uk/page-4612 for latest upgrade.

6. Rebuild the four index table after the upgrade.

7. If you have Rucksacks/Recording cards or other users files then you will need to copy these onto your new machine. We suggest that you just copy the files you know you need, but keep a  back up of the whole of the User file folder in case you find something missing later on.

8. At the moment there is no way of moving map files and these will need to be reinstalled. However, if you have OS map  tiles installed you can install these from the .gsf files. Details on how to do this are also on the Recorder6.info site.

9. Moving your data in this way does not update the Dictionary.

Mike Weideli