Topic: Requesting improved access

I am looking to revisit improved access for the LRC and local services we provide.

Many of our improved access requests were time limited, have since uploaded new datasets and have or are about to expire and others never received a response. However, i do not want to pester the organisations which were kind enough to provide open ended use via the Gateway. The administration 'organisational access request' screen is difficult to work or do anything meaningful with.

What is the best way to go about requesting for improved access only against those datasets where we do not already have it?

It would also be useful if there was some method of clearing the 'pending' section (in total or after a set time period) as they are currently clogging up the interface.

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Re: Requesting improved access

Previously, probably in version 4, there was a screen which showed you what level of access you had to each dataset. Reinstating this, if possible, would make data access management easier.

Gordon Barker
Biological Survey Data Manager
National Trust