Topic: Boundary maps obscuring data points

When I select a species for the interactive map (e.g. Large Blue), and then select a boundary layer (e.g. Character Area boundaries) the latter obscures the former, so its impossible to see the distribution across the Character Areas.  Presumably it isn't supposed to be like that.


Re: Boundary maps obscuring data points

Hello Richard

The order the layers appear on the map are determined by the order they appear in the legend, with the first one being on top of the second one. To change the order drag and drop the layers in the legend so that the one you wish to display on top of the map appears at the top of the list in the legend

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Re: Boundary maps obscuring data points

I'm having a similar problem with displaying VC boundaries. I have moved the boundary layer to below the species layer, but all I get behind the data points is the shading for the VCs - the boundaries themselves (which are what I am interested in)  are hardly visible. Is there a way to change the colour and density of the boundaries in the same way as you can change the colour/density of the shading?