Topic: Requesting access to data across multiple sites

I would like to apply for better access to data across a range of sites, but i am looking to minimise the amount of work for everyone.

There are 972 property boundaries in the National Trust layer on the NBN Gateway. I don't want to make 972 access requests and I'm fairly sure it would annoy all the dataset administrators if I did.

Other options I can think of:
1 - Add a combined object to the NT layer that covers all properties and request on that. Single request. May end up too complicated for the server to process?
2 - Add groups of combined properties, e.g. on a county/region basis and request on these. Balance between number of requests and complexity of objects. Any suggestions as to the ideal number?
3 - Use existing layer to make requests across whole country. This would effectively mean all records in England Wales & N Ireland. Dataset admins might not be happy about giving access to a large number of records that I don't really need.

Other considerations: What would need to happen for any new datasets that are added in the future? Same for any newly acquired NT properties.

What does everybody think?


Gordon Barker
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Re: Requesting access to data across multiple sites

I'd definitely prefer not to get hundreds of requests - and with a fair number of NT properties in Cumbria for which I have multiple datasets to manage, plus the nationwide dataset I manage, it would be a *lot* of requests! Option 1 would be best I would have thought, if the Gateway can handle it. It seems to take a long time to handle large areas (e.g. waiting for a page like Reports/Sites can take quite a while for an LRC boundary) but I suppose it depends how it handles things both at the request stage and at the "calculating your access" stage.

The new datasets question hasn't been solved to my knowledge - I've had at least one repeat request because the organisation couldn't restrict to new datasets only. It is one of the things that isn't working at all well in V5 IMO.

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Re: Requesting access to data across multiple sites

Hello Gordon

The NBN Gateway does not allow requests for multiple sites within a single access request and having discussed this further, the Gateway would not handle the complexity of treating all the National Trust sites as a single multipart polygon. Unfortunately there isn't currently a way of easily requesting access to all the National Trust sites on the NBN Gateway. The functionality to request access for multiple sites within a single access request is on the wish list of requirements for any future development of the NBN Gateway.

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Re: Requesting access to data across multiple sites

LRC Wales can easily give you a report on all species records held by LERCs  on NT Wales properties from the all Wales merged database. We just need the boundary shape file.