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Topic: Data access request categories.

A quick question regarding data access request categories.

I was dealing with an enhanced access request today which provided a long bit of "standard" text about the reason behind their data request ("we are a consultancy and we want your newt data to do our work"  etc etc).  While this was an obvious commercial request, I was wondering where the reason category for the request is displayed.  People wishing to have better access to datasets need to chose a category from a dropdown list, but this does not seem to be displayed anywhere when I look at the access request at my end.

Am I not seeing it or is it not displayed?  If it is not, could I suggest it is shown either in the first line of the access request reason or, better still, as a separate field in the access request list so we can see at a glance the basic reason for a request.


Re: Data access request categories.

If you click on 'edit' next to the request it should show as "Purpose" under "Access Request Details" ?

Charlie Barnes
Information Officer
Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership