Topic: CORS (or JSONP)

I'd like to pull data from the API directly to a browser app.

The browser's Same-origin policy doesn't allow this.

The modern way for a web site (API) to allow this is with Cross-origin Resource Sharing (CORS). It involves the web server adding an extra header to the HTTP response.

JSONP is an older way of achieving the same sort of thing but is a hack and has some problems.

NBN: Can you look into this see if you are likely to be able to implement CORS on your API server.



Note: The subjects in bold can be found on wikipedia. I put them in as links - but was told I'm not allowed to use them :(



Hi, sorry for the slow response, I will look into seeing if we can add the CORS headers to help you out here, hopefully both ways should work in the future.


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