Topic: different download results - help please!

I am trying to download everything in Rosaceae for VC71 using the new system.
I do have permission from BSBI to access high resolution.
When I use the Interactive Map I get 243 records.
The first time I tried to do a download I got 29 observation and the second time I got 209 records. I have tried using different reolutions and various things.
Is there any way of downloading directly from the Interactive map? I want the full record as I need information about id dets.
This is the first time I have used the system to actually do a real job and I have spent a lot of today on this!
many thanks

Dr Philippa Tomlinson
Biological Records Manager
Manx Biological Recording Partnership


Re: different download results - help please!

Could you let me know exactly what you are doing on the download request screen / IMT (screenshots would probably be useful) as you should receive exactly the same records as they are using the same queries in the backend.

Matt Debont
Application Developer
Joint Nature Conservation Committee, Monkstone House, City Road, Peterborough PE1 1JY, UK