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Could you advise the best way to gain enhanced access for an LRC? I applied for access to all datasets in BIS area last March. Out of about 85, 30 have not replied. I wanted to apply for access to all those that have been added since March 2014. However there is no filter to just request access to new datasets. I tried to select manually the data sets that I thought were new but the filter seems to have failed somehow and so request has gone to all data managers again. Otherwise I presume I have to work through latest datasets and apply individually, which is a tedious job.
BIS has also had some rejections because the data is at public resolution. However the rules specifically say that a not-for-profit still has to ask for permission to use this data for LRC reporting. So there is confusion there. Also it is not easy when doing bulk access request which are already at public resolution.

It would be good when the LRC full access is considered to be a default position so that all the data is used to its full potential under LRC licence.


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Re: Search for datasets in an LRC area

Hi Janet,

I had had similar issues. If i remember rightly the dataset filter boxes were checked by default however, un-checking them doesn't seem to work (in fact i think it reversed the selection and i actually received all the datasets i didn't want!). In any case, deselecting and then re-selecting all the datasets before filtering the datasets seemed to work. However, as far as i am aware there is currently no other way to select only datasets where you don't already have access. (The access team may be able to help?)

I also encountered the refusal for use of data from some providers on the basis that 'their data was already public'. This seems an odd way to respond (why not just grant it!?) and is problematic because as you suggest we need written permission before we can use the data for LRC services. For those datasets i considered the wording of the response itself to be sufficient and preferable to becoming an access pest (i.e. 'it's already fully available for use at public level so stop asking us!'). If i received no response data is still being omitted from local use and one or two 'providers' have refused to allow local use (while it is difficult to filter them out via the download itself they are stripped out on the dataset key).

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