Topic: Recorder 6 to Recorder 3.3

I have been asked about importing  records from Recorder 6.17 running under Windows 8.1 on a laptop into a database of Recorder 3.2 running under an earlier version of Windows (?version 7) on a
PC.  The data could be extracted from R6 via the report via the report Wizard, but I have no idea what would be required or how then to import it into R3.2.  Anyone have any advice please.

Mike Weideli
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Re: Recorder 6 to Recorder 3.3

Well there's a challenge for my memory and I am faltering somewhat. I would say it would depend on the volume of the data. If I recall correctly you can paste some data into the recording forms fairly easily.

For larger datasets I would consider exporting all the species dictionary and matching those before using the import routines in AREV. There are two versions of AREV of course the runtime and the development. The later will have the import options but the former is unlikely.

I could check some of this as I still have a development version around.


Data Manger
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