Topic: EasyMaps down + redirect page

The display of EasyMaps is showing a 'Server Error 404 - File or directory not found.
The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable'.

On a related matter, when the server was down over the weekend we were once again left looking at untrapped error messages instead of pages and maps in iframes.  That is not helpful.  Note that not everyone enters through the home page, and so might never have seen the advance warning (I only see the home page when my login lapses and I have to sign in again).

If you can't find any more suitable solution to display a suitable page to redirect to, I will offer to host a page on the HBRG site for future use.  Rent-free, too.  Just ask ...



Re: EasyMaps down + redirect page

The NBN server going down is such a regular occurrence that I have a permanent warning on our website explaining that maps are only available when NBN is working. This is not really satisfactory and a more "user friendly" message would be appreciated.


Re: EasyMaps down + redirect page

This morning, around 0900h, the EasyMaps were again non-functional (after having been restored following my original post).

They were taking >>1min to load, and on one occasion returned the message:

'Your request could not be completed because of the following errors.

You must supply a tvk'

The TVK *was* in the call, which has been working correctly for a long time, and sometime later things were working again.