Topic: WS login passwords

Once again please excuse my ignorance!
I am sorting out the login process for my app and wanted to check the use of passwords for accessing the services from a desktop application.

The documentation seems to suggest that only plain text passwords can be parsed (https://data.nbn.org.uk/Documentation/W … login.html)
However, the WMS makes use of hashed passwords, is this also the case for normal REST services?

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Re: WS login passwords

Hi, that is the only way of accessing the rest services, we don't offer a way of logging in with a hash on the REST services, the GIS version is a compromise as it can only return a visual representation (i.e. grid squares) and the need to import into GIS packages for example, you can get a lot more data from the REST services. If you need any help with this please let us know however.


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Re: WS login passwords

Hi Matt, that's fine thank you. I was just checking in case i had missed something.

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