Topic: Recorder 6 - Dictionary Upgrade 0000002F,2G,2H

Dictionary Upgrade 0000002F,2G,2H is now  available at http://jncc.defra.gov.uk/page-4615

This update brings R6 in line with the NHM Dictionary as at 5/9/2014.

This includes:
- the much awaited Marine Species of the British Isles and Adjacent Seas (MSBIAS) marine checklist    http://www.marinespecies.org/msbias/
- a complete rotifer update from Charles Hussey
- plus the usual minor changes since the last major update

The 4 index tables will need to be rebuilt after this upgrade.  There is a slight difference in requirement for building these after version 6.22 in that from 6.22 onwards  'Rebuild Taxon  Name Index' must  be run before the other rebuilds.  Irrespective of which version of R6 you are running if the Indexes are rebuilt in the order shown in the menu then this will produce the correct result.

The top level of the MSBIAS List  (MARINE Species of the British Isles and Adjacent Seas checklist)   is "Biota" and you meed to expand this to see the Kingdoms. This list is a preferred list and appears after MAMMALIA in the top section of the list of taxon dictionaries.

The zip files attached contains details of the new taxon names which have been added in this update.  Note that many of the species listed will have been in the previous dictionary with other names.

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