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As part of a project on the creation of a marine mammal observer network, I need to create a website. This would be similar to the website " http://www.northeastcetaceans.org.uk/ " . I am completely new to the field of computing, and I'd like to help and have, if possible, a quote describing all the costs incurred in creating a website with indicia .

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Re: Need help to develop a website

I'll direct message you to discuss details.
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Re: Need help to develop a website

Realistically, you should think about contacting the owner/operator of the northeastcetaceans website and ask (1) how many sightings they receive via the online recording forms, and; (2) how many distinct naturalists/groups these data relate to.

You then need to consider whether:

1.  on a cost-benefit basis, it is worth creating an indicia-based website for this amount of data, vs. an HTML5-based site with standard forms which can be set up for a fraction of the cost and will have much lower maintenance and update requirements going into the future.

2.  your data flow (and the relevant recording community) would flourish better and develop a more robust structure through building relationships with the main data-providers and interested parties directly, rather than encouraging a one-way transfer of data.

3.  providing alternative web resources may engage recorders better than faceless data-entry forms - for example, adding a simple forum stimulates interest by allowing users to share information, locations and resources and offer advice on relevant issues.

Simon Skidmore
Green Man Software Ltd