Topic: NBN Gateway update - download logs and registration

We wanted to update everyone regarding the NBN Gateway and some recent issues. There was an update to the NBN Gateway earlier this month which should improve performance and stability, but unfortunately we encountered some other issues over the last few days which have affected download logs and registration. Registration and login issues are now resolved and the technical team hopes to fix the download log issue tomorrow. You can read more about the update here: http://nbn.org.uk/News/Latest-news/NBN- … mance.aspx

We apologise if we have been slow to respond to queries.  The technical team is working hard on the NBN Gateway and issues as they arise, but they and the NBN Trust Secretariat do try to monitor all the comments and feedback as soon as possible. It is vital that we continue to hear of any problems or suggestions, so do keep the feedback coming, be it via this Forum, the NBN Facebook page, Twitter or access@nbn.org.uk 

We thank you all for your patience and ongoing support.