Topic: Investigating records on the interactive map

On the old NBN it was possible to 'find out more' about a particular record on the interactive map - so you could discover whether an observer had just seen one individual adult, or perhaps a whole load of larvae.  This functionality seems to have been lost, or is it just me?


Re: Investigating records on the interactive map

We have been getting complaints about this as well, it would be nice to get the measurement data back on screen.


Janet Simkin
British Lichen Society


Re: Investigating records on the interactive map

I just registered and joined this forum to ask exactly the same question! I thought I must be missing something. I run the UK Glow Worm Survey, and formerly I could simply click on a record square and discover numbers seen -- absolutely vital for the survey, where we are concerned with declining numbers.

The only way to find the data now seems to be to download the entire set of databases that could contain the data, which usually include all species rather that just the glow worms, and search each one for the grid reference shown on the map. Or am I still missing something?

The old version of the map now doesn't work, so I am concerned that a useful research tool has now been lost.