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This is probably a stupid question but how do I view the list of species in a square.

On the old version you simply clicked on a square and the list would come up.


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You can still, but as with most things the new 'improved' Gateway has introduced a sort of 'Where's Wally?' game for newcomers.  Click Browse sites, and you find the map you are looking for.

I have just done it, and it took over 2 minutes for the page to load (I have a good connection - all other sites are loading well) so take a cuppa and a few sandwiches to sustain you while you wait for anything to happen.


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If you know the square's grid reference you can just type it into the following, replacing the XXXXXXs.


It appears to work down to 100m gridrefs (although some give errors).



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Thanks for the replies.

Sorry for not being more particular in my original post however I was referring to the interactive map.

Does anyone know how to get the species list recorded from a location on the map?