Topic: Request for taxonomic order in /api/taxonDatasets/{id}/taxa

/api/taxonDatasets/{id}/taxa usefully returns a species list for a dataset which I'm then using to populate a drop down list on a web page sorted either by scientific name or by common name.

I would like to be able to sort by taxonomic order too, but the taxonomic order is not one of the values returned by the API. Can this be added to the returned data please?

Thanks, Keith


Re: Request for taxonomic order in /api/taxonDatasets/{id}/taxa

Hello Keith

Species lists on the NBN Gateway have only ever been sorted alphabetically and not by taxonomic order. My understanding is that as the NBN Gateway is not based on species lists within the UK Species Inventory (it is based on taxonversionkeys), it has been difficult to extract a taxon sort order as supplied within preferred species lists.

This may have changed with the recent improvements in the UK Species Inventory and so I will check with Chris Raper how taxonomic sort is currently stored in the UK Species Inventory, to see if it would be possible to add a taxonomic sort order to the NBN Gateway in the future.

Best wishes

NBN Technical Liaison Officer