Topic: SOAP services are back

I'm pleased to say the SOAP services are working again.  Please do let us know if you experience any problems with them.
The 'old' Gateway database will still need to be moved onto new hardware by the end of January and the team at JNCC and CEH are now working on upgrading the database to try to ensure this migration does not cause further disruption to the service.


Re: SOAP services are back

I'm still having problems with getting grid maps I'm afraid. The response is:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><SOAP-ENV:Fault><faultcode>SOAP-ENV:Server</faultcode><faultstring>An unspecified error has occurred trying to generate a grid map.

The web-page I'm using is at http://www.bedscape.org.uk/BRMC/newsite … ecies_maps

Step 1 (getting the species list) completes okay but step 2 (getting a species grid map) gives the error.

Regards, Keith