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Is there a way to display taxon records on a simple outline map that covers the British Isles (i.e. including the Channel Isles, Ireland etc)?  At the moment I am using the GridMapRequest Region GBIreland, which omits the CI.

Chris R.

Chris Raper, Manager of the UK Species Inventory, Angela Marmont Centre for UK Biodiversity,
Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London, SW7 5BD.  (tel: 020 7942 5894)
also Tachinid Recording Scheme (http://tachinidae.org.uk/)


Re: Channel Isles?

Hello Chris

The NBN Gateway does not currently support Channel Isles records hence why there isn't any option in the GridMap web service request. However inclusion of the Channel Isles is currently being looked into and hopefully will be included later on this year

Best wishes

NBN Technical Liaison Officer


Re: Channel Isles?

Sounds good.  Should I put in a request now for NBN Sys ID's for the Tachinid species we know occur on the Channel Islands but not in Britain?  Might be wise to be ready for this event.


Re: Channel Isles?

Hello Matt

The Tachinid species may already be in the NBN species dictionary. One way of checking is to search for them on the NBN Gateway, if they there are a link to the taxonomy page will be returned, otherwise "no species matching your search terms" will be displayed. Alternatively send me a list of these species and I will have a look

Best wishes



Re: Channel Isles?

Hi Graham

I have checked all of the Tachinid species that are currently "CI only" species against the Species Dictionary and none of them are listed.  All of these will require an NBN Sys ID in order to be mapped should the Chanmel Island data be handled by the NBN. 

Possibly my comment was somewhat tongue in cheek as it does seem that it takes a fair amount of time for requests for the addtion of "new" species to result in them appearing on the Species Dictionary.  I currently have two outstanding posts in the "Species Dictionary" section of the forums asking for "new to Britain" species to be added to the dictionary.  It would be useful if we could have some indication that requests such as this have been noted - a simple forum post would do - with an indication of when we might expect to have the request fulfilled.


Re: Channel Isles?

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