Topic: NBN Gateway update to datasets June 2013

There are currently 89789949 species records available on the NBN Gateway from 842 different datasets.
Database last updated 1st July 2013
Species dictionary publication date 3rd April 2013
4 new species datasets from 3 organisations

Natural England
Species Surveillance Project - In-House Pilots records for 2012

People's Trust for Endangered Species
Hedgehog Hibernation Survey records
Hedgehog records 2005-2006: Hogwatch and Rural Landowner surveys

The Bat Conservation Trust
Natural England bat roost visit records for the first quarter of 2013

14 updated species datasets from 7 organisations

British Lichen Society
BLS Lichen Database: England
BLS Lichen Database: English churchyards
BLS Rare and Threatened Lichen Records: England
BLS Lichen Database: Scotland
BLS Lichen Database: Wales
BLS Lichen Database: Welsh churchyards
BLS Rare and Threatened Lichen Records: Wales

Herefordshire Biological Records Centre
Herefordshire Biological Records Centre Species Records

Hypogean Crustacea recording scheme
Hypogean macro-Crustacea records

Natural England
Batsites inventory for England (1949-2011)

North East Scotland Biological Records Centre
NE Scotland terrestrial mammal records (excluding squirrels) 1800-2010

Swift Inventory of Low-Level Screaming Parties in the UK, 2009-2011
Swift Inventory of Nest Sites in the UK, 2009-2011

Scottish Natural Heritage
Marine species data for Scottish waters held and managed by Scottish Natural Heritage, derived from benthic surveys 1993 to 2011

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