Topic: Adding reference to Survey

The installation of MR v4.x I have here seems to have developed an issue wrt adding reference(s) to survey(s) - anyone else encountered this?

So on the Survey References tab I click the "Add reference" control, I then use the References screen to search for the reference I want, it is there I can see it. I Click the "Use" control. I'm thrown back to the Survey References page but the reference has not been used. I've tried several compact & repair operations on the database, I've closed & re-opened MR etc.... deeply deeply frustrating.


Re: Adding reference to Survey

Eventually forced this one to a solution, all stems back to the shortcut I took instead of spending hours deleting a survey, i.e. I merged out the data into an empty NBNData.mdb without the survey I wanted to zap. But that does not update the values in the LAST_KEY table, and so the ssytem can't create new keys as it looks for the next key and finds it already exists....

The solution is to zap the SiteID and Check code values from in the marine.ini file, set AutoCheckOnLoad to 1 & fire up MR, you will be prompted to enter the SiteID & check code, and the system then goes away and updates the values in the LAST_KEY table, & voila, that and a number of other data entry issues disappear.

Lesson learned: there is always a solution even if it is brutal.