Re: NBN Gateway June update to datasets


There are currently 78,883,171 species records available on the NBN Gateway from 749 different datasets.

Database last updated 9th July 2012
Species dictionary publication date 2nd May 2012

26 new species datasets from 11 organisations

Bedfordshire and Luton Biodiversity Recording and Monitoring Centre
Bedfordshire Stylops (BNHS) - 1930-1971

Biological Records In Essex
Invasive non-native species records for Essex from 1979-2012
Selected protected species records for Essex from 1965-2012

Broadland Environmental Services Limited
Reptile distribution along the River Bure, Broadland (2010)

Butterfly Conservation
Marsh Fritillary distribution (provisional) records for Wales up to 2010 from Butterfly Conservation

Countryside Council for Wales
Pearl Mussel distribution, Wales (2004-2012)

Dorset Environmental Records Centre
Dorset Historical Summary Data for Habitats Directive Reporting Group only

Article 17 Vascular Plant Records

Environment Agency
Environment Agency Rare and Protected Species records v1

Hampshire Biodiversity Information Centre
HBIC Non-Native Invasive Species
HBIC Protected and notable species

Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre
2000-2003 RBWM WHS Surveys
2003-2004 Wokingham WHS Surveys
BBOWT Local Wildlife Sites Surveys 1994-2003
English Nature Berkshire SSSI Records
English Nature Berkshire Staff Surveys 1990's
English Nature and NCC Oxfordshire Surveys
English Nature Grassland Survey 1995
English Nature Oxford City Surveys
English Nature Oxfordshire Chalk Grassland Survey
English Nature Oxfordshire Invertebrate Surveys
NCC Berkshire Ancient Woodland Survey 1977-87
NCC Berkshire Chalk Grassland Survey 1985
NCC Berkshire Grassland Survey 1984-1987
NCC Berkshire Rare Plant Surveys 1985-1987

West Wales Biodiversity Information Centre
Sea Trust Stena Europe Survey of Cetaceans in the St George's Channel, April 2004-April 2011

27 updated species datasets from 9 organisations

Bedfordshire and Luton Biodiversity Recording and Monitoring Centre
Bedfordshire Badgers (BNHS/BBN) - 1979-2011
Bedfordshire Bumblebees (BNHS) - 2006-2010
Bedfordshire Butterflies (BNHS/BC) - 1976-2010
Bedfordshire Coleoptera (BNHS) - 1986-2009
Bedfordshire Dormice (BNHS/BDG) - 2000-2009
Bedfordshire Fish (BNHS) - 1800-2010
Bedfordshire Flora (BNHS/BSBI) - 1904-2010
Bedfordshire Herpetofauna (BNHS/BRAG) - 1973-2011
Bedfordshire Mammals (BNHS) - 1987-2009
Bedfordshire Micro Moths (BNHS) - 1820-2011
Bedfordshire Orthoptera (BNHS) - 1986-2010

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Environmental Records Centre
Cambridge Lichen group data held by CPERC

Devon Biological Records Centre
Devon bat roost data

Marine Conservation Society
Palinurus elephas or Crawfish sightings in the UK and Ireland from 1969 to the present time
Seasearch Marine Surveys

National Trust
Extract of National Trust species database covering Article 17 species

Norfolk Biodiversity Information Service
Norfolk Amphibian and Reptile records to March 2010
Norfolk Beetle records to March 2010
Norfolk Bumble Bee records to March 2010
Norfolk Environment Agency Priority Species Records
Norfolk Fungi and Lichen records to March 2010
Norfolk Non Native Species Records
Norfolk Spider records to March 2010

OPAL Soil Centre, Imperial College London
Citizen scientists' records from OPAL Soil and Earthworm Survey - March 2009 to March 2012

Scottish Wildlife Trust
The Scottish Squirrel Database

Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre
Local Wildlife Site Surveys Berkshire
Local Wildlife Site Surveys Oxfordshire

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Graham French
NBN Technical Liaison Officer