Re: Display of acknowledgement within iframe

I'm using the species map and acknowledgement services from release 4.2 a la http://gis.nbn.org.uk/arcgis/atlas/SingleSpeciesMap/NHMSYS0000459714/

My understanding of the terms and conditions is that I need to show the acknowledgements along with the map. Currently I'm displaying the two results in two iframes on the same web page. All appears to be working fine.

However, when I click on a link in the acknowledgements it is opening up the NBN page within the iframe, which doesn't look so good.

I'm not aware of any other way of showing the map and acknowledgements on the same page without using iframes. Is there a recommended way of using the acknowledgements?


Tony Prichard


Re: Display of acknowledgement within iframe

Here's an html snippet that shows the situation I'm describing

<iframe src="http://gis.nbn.org.uk/arcgis/atlas/SingleSpeciesMap/NHMSYS0000503407/map?imagesize=4&fillcolour=ff0000&outlinecolour=ff0000&background=gbi100kgrid" width="430" height="570" frameborder="1" id="map"></iframe>
<iframe src="http://gis.nbn.org.uk/arcgis/atlas/SingleSpeciesMap/NHMSYS0000503407/acknowledgement?" frameborder="1" width="430" id="ack"></iframe>



Re: Display of acknowledgement within iframe

Hello Tony

I see what you mean. Users need to know to hold down the shift or ctrl button when clicking on the links to avoid the NBN Gateway webpage opening directly in the iframe. This is not ideal and I have passed on your query to the NBN Gateway developers to see what they suggest

Best wishes
NBN Technical Liaison Officer


Re: Display of acknowledgement within iframe

Ignoring the fact that it tends to be frowned on ... addition of


to the link code would suffice?

Charlie Barnes
Information Officer
Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership


Re: Display of acknowledgement within iframe

What would be nice would be able to specify a target - either '_blank', '_parent' or some other named target. Defaulting to '_blank' maybe.

If not a target of '_blank' seems the preferred option to me.