Re: NBN Gateway version 4.1 released


Release date: October 2011

The following new functionality and changes have now been added to the NBN Gateway. Please refer any questions you have regarding the NBN Gateway to the NBN helpdesk (gateway@nbn.org.uk).

Interactive mapping tool includes Ordnance Survey maps
The interactive mapping tool now includes Ordnance survey maps as a background to map species records, sites and habitats. The control has been improved to allow easier selection of required background map layers. By hovering over this control the 5 available selectable layers are revealed.

Interactive mapping tool includes site based records
Site based records can now be displayed on the interactive mapping tool. These records are displayed by default but they be turned on or off by using the additional controls within the species layer control. An example site based dataset can be found under the NBN Gateway demonstration organisation (http://data.nbn.org.uk/imt/?baselayer=Hybrid&bbox=-2.9527688079818417,54.08572749045326,-2.673304086352161,54.19774697333772&mode=SINGLE_DATASET&dataset=GA000913)

Interactive mapping tool allows addition of multiple layers
Multiple species, site or boundary layers can now be added to the interactive mapping tool. To add a layer click on the button to the left of the minimise button on the layers control. Create a layer form will appear to allow selection of species, habitat or boundary datasets.

NBN Gateway reports include notice on data access and use
Each NBN Gateway report page now includes a notice reminding users of the importance of examining the level of record access provided within the report and the need to seek improved access where necessary. This notice also includes a reminder of the need to comply with NBN Gateway Terms and Conditions.

New species maps available
New species maps images are now available for the use in reports and websites. Maps can be obtained through URL addresses (http://gis.nbn.org.uk/arcgis/atlas/SingleSpeciesMap/NHMSYS0000459714/map) with inclusion of data provider acknowledgement (http://gis.nbn.org.uk/arcgis/atlas/SingleSpeciesMap/NHMSYS0000459714/acknowledgement). The maps may be further modified restricting them to specific datasets and year range. In addition the background, colour of dots and size of maps may be altered. Maps may be saved in png, jpeg and gif format. Documentation for this new mapping service will be provided shortly.


Re: NBN Gateway version 4.1 released

Just a thought, any chance we could have shortened URL when using the "get map URL" button?

Charlie Barnes
Information Officer
Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership


Re: NBN Gateway version 4.1 released

Hi Charlie,

This has been discussed and may arrive in the future but is currently not scheduled in to the work plan as there are higher development priorities at the moment.

Sorry to be vague.
Thanks for your comment.

Best Wishes,
NBN Technical Liaison Officer