Re: Request for Recorder 6 usage figures

We need figures on Recorder 6 usage to convince the funders of the system that they should continue supporting it adequately. We have contacted all the record centres we can, and various other users, but if we haven’t contacted you and you have statistics you would like to contribute we would be very grateful. We would like to know the total number of species observations in your database and how many of them you have added in 2011 and 2012.

I have uploaded an XML report which will produce the figures we need, JNCC_RecordsByYear.zip, which can be downloaded from http://forums.nbn.org.uk/uploads.php . It may lead to double counting of some observations that have been exchanged with other copies of Recorder 6 but it will be accurate enough for our purposes. The XML report is called ‘RecordStats’ and runs from Reports – Run – System reports – RecordStats – RecordStats when loaded into your Recorder 6 Reports folder, usually \User Files\Reports. If you need any help with running this report please let me know.

Mike Weideli, John van Breda and I have completed the upgrade to v6.17 and JNCC have made it available for download on the Recorder web-site – see http://forums.nbn.org.uk/viewtopic.php?pid=10938#p10938. New installation disks will be available shortly. We are now starting to consider what to include in v6.18 but top of the list is improvements to the taxon dictionary to alleviate reporting problems. We plan to consult users on what else to include soon. The more funding we can secure the more improvements it will contain.

Many thanks,

Sally Rankin, JNCC Recorder Approved Expert
E-mail: s.rankin@btinternet.com
Telephone: 01491 578633
Mobile: 07941 207687