Topic: Advanced Search cannot find 'Records of absence'


Advanced Search allows search by Occurrence ID but cannot find records such as iBRC7129589.NR because an additional filter element (exclude) occurrence_status:"absent" is automatically added to the search.


Allow the search to fail and then edit the URL to change '-' to '+' in the last filter element:

 ... &fq=+occurrence_status%3A"absent"
Suggested Enhancement

Add a field to Advanced Search to control this parameter, defaulting to Exclude.

David Hepper
Records Officer, British Dragonfly Society


Re: Advanced Search cannot find 'Records of absence'

Hello David,

Thank you very much for your feedback on the Advance search form and for sharing a temporary work around.

I have shared and logged this feedback with the NBN Atlas Development team. The Development team have started working on the NBN Atlas Accelerator project, so will look into implementing your feedback when they have the capacity to.

Thank you again for your feedback, it is most appreciated.

Kind regards,

Rhiannydd Stock
NBN Atlas Support Officer