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Topic: ID difficulty check box not updating

Hello, I am trying, with our IT department help, to install a fresh NBN Record Cleaner tool on a pc that I have RDP access to (remote access link). This way it would be easier to automatically update the software in the one location and others would have access to the cleaner. My IT colleague is having difficulty with this installation. I am testing the multiple attempts and not getting any ID difficulties with the export. What am I doing wrong? When I try to check the ID difficulty boxes they all check fine but the save selected is greyed out and the Next button does not keep the ID difficulty boxes checked. We have tried several times now and still no ID difficulties?

Another observation is that during validation almost every species has two options that I have to choose, the message Non unique scientific name appears and then I have to choose between two very similar (almost identical) taxon names, this would make large spreadsheets very time consuming indeed. Any help/pointers would be appreciated.

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