Topic: Recording Egg stage in Recorder 6

Dear all

I would like to record eggs (presence and abundance) in Recorder 6. I often find Hoverflies in their egg stage and rear them through to adulthood allowing retrospective identification. I am not keen on using the Comments field for this purpose as I would like to easily separate records according to abundance/presence of the various stages and sex when manipulating my records in Recorder.

I cannot see a way of doing this at present and would be grateful for any pointers.



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of: 30 Dec 2019

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Re: Recording Egg stage in Recorder 6

I'm very out of practice with R6, but I think you can do this through adding it as an option under abundance to the measurement term list in Configure Term Lists:
http://www.recorder6.info/WebHelpR6Main … m_list.htm

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Re: Recording Egg stage in Recorder 6

Thank you Teresa; that worked perfectly. I shall try to be more diligent when searching through the online help in future.