Topic: Dictionary Upgrade 00000053

Upgrade 000000053  is now available from http://www.recorder6.info/page47.html   This update must be  be run from within Recorder 6 and requires version 6.29 oe above.  Note that you will require a licence key to access these updates see https://forums.nbn.org.uk/viewtopic.php?id=7472

If you have run the new upgrade before and know how it works then you can go directly to the files at  http://www.recorder6.info/page50.html

Each upgrade needs to be run separately.

Dictionary Upgrade 00000053 incortporates recent changes made by JNCC to the species designations and other taxa. It brings Recorder 6 into line with the UKSI at 11 March 2023.

Please run report DIct 2 and check that the figures are in line with those accesed by clicking on  additional information.  Please report here any differences. Some steps have been taken to investigate and eliminate small differences encountered by some users on previous updates.

Mike Weideli


Re: Dictionary Upgrade 00000053

Hi Mike,
Updated to 00000053 and on running Dict 2 all results match what is expected except for the Taxon figure:
Taxon_List 248
Taxon 325766
Taxon_Version 325766
Taxon_List_Item 739422
Organism 122481

Is this going to be ok to continue? I am pretty sure that there was a discrepancy with the Taxon figure after running the 00000052 update too.


Re: Dictionary Upgrade 00000053

Same as Bob - all good - except our Taxon figure is 319,689

Charlie Barnes
Information Officer
Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership


Re: Dictionary Upgrade 00000053

Thank you for submitting the figures. I have done detailed investigation into several systems where Taxon is not giving the expected answer. In all cases it has been down to the System_Supplied_data being incorrect. I attempted to fix some of these, but need to be careful not to cause other problems. Having these indicators set incorrectly has no effect on the operation of R6. I don't think there is any reason to be concerned about the Taxon being a few out. Bob is way out, but the fact that it is much higher means I don't think there is anything to be concerned about, unless specific dictionary issues are noticed.  The Taxon table is just a list of names and it is Taxon_version and Organism tables which matter. A better check than the number of Taxon records might be to make sure that all Taxon_Version_Keys have a valid Taxon.

Mike Weideli


Re: Dictionary Upgrade 00000053

Hi Mike
our result
0000053 update Dict2 stats
Taxon List = 249
Taxon = 319,691
Taxon Version = 325,767
Taxon List Item = 739,713
Organism = 122,481

Taxon list item is a fair bit higher? And Taxon List has been out by 1 since 000052 update, though I wonder if this is connected to previous issues & workaround